Hello India!

We arrived in New Delhi after a long but uneventful journey via Istanbul. Went on to immediately disregard our friends’ advice and ended up in an unlicensed cab to the hotel, instead of the allegedly more reputable “standard” ones. We drove a hard, educated bargain to pay the fare a normal 1,000 rupees instead of double which was what they were asking for…
DELHI… under the fog and with the weariness of the trip, appeared more surreal than ever. Bustling and full of activities, insane traffic… They definitely use their klaxons as language!
We hadn’t written down the hotel’s address, in a surprising and embarrassing lapse of judgment, but we managed to find it in the end, and got to our assigned dwelling safely.
We fell asleep almost immediately for a few hours. We’re ready now to head back to the thick of it.
They say arriving in India is a shock. To us, the first contact has been a hazy, foggy shock that caught us somewhat unprepared and off guard in spite of all the warnings. It will be interesting to see now what they have in store for us. Feeling impatient to see more.

Lodi Gardens, mausoleum - New Delhi 15.02.2014
Lodi Gardens, mausoleum – New Delhi 15.02.2014

We finally met with Vilasini and Rareş at the hotel. Their wedding next week is the reason behind this journey. Rareş was knackered as well as he arrived pretty much same day as us, just a few hours before. They left shortly afterwards to rest and left us with some recommendations for lunch and sightseeing.
We took a cab to a place called Khan Market, which is a group of streets full of shops (tailors, jewelry, etc…. and food joints!) and we had a snack at an apparently semi-famous place called Khan Cha Cha. Super good as expected. So far Indian food doesn’t disappoint.
Our subsequent visit to the tombs of Lodi Gardens was unfortunately cut short by nightfall and we had to get back to the hotel.
We ended the day with Vilasini and Rareş and couple of their friends at a fantastic Nepali restaurant where much food and drinks were consumed with gusto.

And that’s how we had our first day in New Delhi. W00t!

Lodi Gardens, mausoleum - New Delhi 15.02.2014
Lodi Gardens, mausoleum – New Delhi 15.02.2014

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